The Global Advanced Wound Care Market to 2017

Published 01 August 2012

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The Global Advanced Wound Care Market to 2017

The market exceeds US$5.5 billion as private finance and pharma play an increasingly influential role

A changing industry landscape
Mergers and acquisitions have always played a key role in the advanced wound care industry and have enabled the market leaders to expand their technology to address new sections of the market and provide access to new technologies. But things are hotting up. Smith & Nephew continues to add to its portfolio with the acquisition in May 2012 of Kalypto Medical while pharmaceutical companies flex their financial muscle: Shire purchased BioHealing in June 2011 while Sanofi’s purchase of Genzyme in April 2011 has introduced the new Sanofi Biosurgery division.

Private equity gets more involved
The headline acquisition of the NPWT leading company KCI by the APAX consortium is just the latest of a string of private equity transactions. Nordic Capital and Avista Capital Partners purchased ConvaTec in August 2008, Systagenix was formed in December 2008 through One Equity Partners' purchase of Ethicon Professional Wound Care, and Investor AB took full control of Mölnlycke in late 2010.

Biologics: the growth sector of the future?
With price pressures in the NPWT sector and low prices driven by high competition in the Moist Dressings sector, the spotlight has been thrown on Biologics. While all sectors are expected to return to stronger annual growth, only the biologics sector is expected to maintain double digit growth from 2015 onwards as products currently in development are launched.

Wound Care Market

  • Global Wound Care Market by Product Type, 2011
  • Professional Wound Care Market by Product Type, 2011

Advanced Wound Care Market Competitors

  • Select Manufacturers’ Wound Care Sales, 2005-2011 (US$ million)
  • International Manufacturers’ Wound Care Sales, 2005-2011
  • Advanced Wound Care Market Shares, 2011
  • Advanced Wound Care Acquisitions, 2008-2011

Wound Care Market Dynamics

  • Professional Wound Care Market by Product Type, 2007-2011 (US$ million)
  • Professional Wound Care Market Forecast, 2012-2017 (US$ million)
  • Global Wound Care Market Growth by Product, 2012-2017 (%)

Regional Perspective

  • Advanced Wound Care Market by Region and Growth by Region, 2012-2017 (US$ million)
  • US, European and Rest of the World Markets by Major Product Type, 2011
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