The Medical Device Market: Malaysia

Published 14 April 2014

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The Medical Device Market: Malaysia

Espicom Industry View

  • Malaysia's medical devices are mainly imported, especially the more technologically advanced items. The market is expected to increase by a strong 2013-2018 CAGR of 13.5%, reaching US$2.7bn, or US $84 per capita, by 2018.
  • Imports breached the billion dollar mark for the first time in 2012, reaching a total US$1,113.6mn, a rise of 18.9% over the previous year's total of US$936.6mn. In the five years between 2007 and 2012, imports rose at a CAGR of 14.3%. Imports are expected to continue growing at a strong rate, in line with rising health expenditure growth, and the country's heavy reliance on imports to meet its healthcare needs.
  • Malaysia's major natural resource is rubber and the country's medical device exports are dominated by latex products such as surgical gloves. The share of this sub-category has slowly started to diminish with the steady growth of diagnostic imaging exports in recent years, particularly electrocardiographs and other electrodiagnostic apparatus.


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